The region

The Ariège is a part of the Midi-Pyrénées’s region

It’s bordering departments of the Haute-Garonne, the Aude and the Pyrénées-Orientales, as well as Spain (province of Lérida) and Andorra.

Below the Capitol in Toulouse

Carcassonne, the famous medieval city with double surrounding wall.

The Romanesque art is present almost everywhere: Moissac, Albi Auch…

Below the Abbey of Moissac

The Mediterranean Sea is quite close with the motorway which connects Foix in Toulouse, and Narbonne.

Cross-country skiing and huskies: Plateau de Beille

Alpine skiing in stations of Guzet, les Monts d’Olmes, Ascou-Pailhères, Ax les Thermes

Castle of Montségur

Balneology in Aulus les bains, Ax les thermes, Ussat les bains

Below the thermal pond in Ax thermal baths

Prehistory in the cave of Mas d’Azil, Niaux, de la Vache

Castle of Foix

Below the chateau of the city of Foix

The Bridge of the Devil near Foix

Andorra is close from our home…